Why Use Merino For My Baby?

Why Use Merino For My Baby?

Merino truly is nature's wonder fibre! Our Infant Merino products are super soft, breathable, lightweight and durable, and most importantly won't irritate delicate baby skin. 

Merino clothing is incredibly important for infants as they can’t regulate their own temperature. Merino has the ability to insulate and breathe! The natural wool fibre draws moisture away from the skin so your baby won’t get so clammy when hot. 

It helps keep baby warm in winter and cooler in summer, helping your baby to regulate their temperature.  

Merino is known as one of the best quality natural fibres in the world.

Merino wool is in demand now more than ever before, as we want to support our environment. It's renewable, sustainable, and biodegradable. It’s not only a fabric that ticks all the boxes environmentally, but also soft and luxurious.

Nik Nax features a range of baby Merino blankets, cardigans, vests and accessories in a variety of colours. 

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